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At Exfx Fitness, our strategy to looking and feeling great is simple. A healthy balance of the mind and body, which can be achieved by consuming great nutrition, exercising regularly, resting well, relaxing and de-stressing. Sounds easy, but make no mistake, it requires discipline, commitment and desire to accomplish. In some cases it can mean a complete lifestyle change that can encompass sacrificing certain ways of life that we have already been accustomed to.There are a few key areas that we can all improve on that may slow down the signs of ageing, improve our mental health and overall health. These areas are Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, Stress Management and Aesthetics.

Exercise is the bodily activity that involves movement of limbs by muscles to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness. It is the activity that will improve physiological well being, strengthens the immune system, promotes healthy weight and bone density, sustain and improve muscle strength, which ultimately leads to the prevention of most major degenerative and life-threatening chronic conditions. Humans were born to move and were never designed to be behind a desk pushing pencils.

When it comes to preservation of life and provision of sustenance, one cannot disprove that nutrition is vital to continued existence. Your entire existence is based on this important area, which is also highly dependable other physiological, psychological and behavioral factors. The right kind of food is important in maintaining a balance in hormonal pathways, which are vital to your body’s functioning.

Our bodies are made of water. The percentage varies in between 55% and 80% depending on body size and genetic origins. Water is present in all of our cells and is also a medium for nutrient transfer, waste disposal and detoxification, heat regulation and filtration. All these processes are key in maintaining a stable environment in our bodies; therefore cementing the fact that daily hydration is essential in keeping your body well oiled.

Stress Management
Unbeknown to a lot of people is the silent killer and perhaps one of the most detrimental conditions caused by the advance of our modern world today. Stress is a response to emotional or physical threats to the organism. Its physiological effects on the human body over prolonged periods are detrimental and can lead to serious health implications. Steps must be taken to address management once the triggers and symptoms have been recognised.

Appearances are always important and we would all like to look good whether we admit it or not. It is important to understand that looking good requires care from both outside and within. The quality of our skin is a great indicator of health. Good nutrition and skincare is important in maintaining great looking skin. As time weathers on, our efforts to ensure good health and care may not be enough to hide the crow’s feet, crinkle or creases. Aesthetics are closely related to psychology and the better one looks, the more positive their outlook is.