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Posted by Exfx Fitness on July 13, 2013  /   Posted in Exercises, Fitness, Goal Setting, LifeStyle, Uncategorized


The ability to do something ordinary extraordinarily well.
It is similar to everything that we do in life. If we have a great job that we do, countless times in our career, we get so good at it that it becomes second nature.

The exact same applies to exercise. No we will not be great at doing a few squats, a few Deadlifts. The reason why we need to repeat what we do is to ensure that we do thousands of them so that it becomes second nature to us.

Do not let yourself think that you know all the exercises just because you may have dabbled in them before. Continue to try, repeat and perfect your movements until you get something different.
Perfection requires persistence and perseverance.

You have not perfected the exercise until you have performed it 3000 times. Multiply that by all the thousands of exercises, there you have an infinite combination of exercises that you can be involved in.

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