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Top Tips for Resolution Making for 2013

Posted by Exfx Fitness on January 01, 2013  /   Posted in Fitness, Health & Wellness, LifeStyle, Personal Training, Training

It is the new year now. Brand New Year and time to get a new set of goals and if you have not reviewed your goals from last year, see if you can better last years goals. We are big on Resolutions and Goal Setting here. Here are our top tips for this resolution making.
Top Tips for Resolution Making

  1. Don’t be afraid of how audacious it is. Make it big and hairy. Nothing is impossible.
  2. Write it down somewhere. Word Doc, A4 sheet of paper. I prefer a Word Doc, you can change it easily. Create a Dream Board if you are very Visual.
  3. Be detailed about the Goal, be as specific as possible. Define it. Being vague means you are unsure.
  4. Set smaller goals as well that are achievable by today or tomorrow. These could be behavioral ie “look good before walking out the door”. Make sure that the smaller goals relate to the larger goals. Use them as milestones.
  5. Tell someone about it somebody who will keep you accountable, a partner or a bff.
  6. Find a partner or someone else who has similar goals to you and get them to be a training buddy.
  7. Have definite dates to your goals. They need a completion date. Consider it to be a deadline. Goals with no deadlines will never be completed.
  8. Quarterly review. Like any business, all resolutions need to be reviewed to ensure if you are on the right track. Do it once every 3 months.
  9. Sacrifice something. If you want something, you gotta give up one or all of your vices. Change requires sacrifice.
  10. Read your goals everyday. Recap for 5 minutes everyday, at the start or end or both. Find 5 minutes from dead time ie on the toilet, on the bus, waiting for someone.
  11. Create a list of 101 goals and keep topping it up every year. Always having 101 goals gives your life direction and meaning. This will be the blue print of your life.
  12. At Quarterly review, create another few goals for the goals that have been completed. Or do this when you have completed 25% of your goals for the year.
  13. Set the goals and the rules for your work.
  14. Include your playtime and time to catch up with family and friends. The social component of your life is very important.
  15. Include all aspects of your life, Business, Career, Relationships, Religion, Recreation, Family, Health, Nutrition and Fitness.
  16. Stick to the program, do not let anything sidetrack you.
  17. Do whatever it takes to get your goals done.
  18. Hire a Fitness Professional to help you. Heck hire someone who can assist you in the areas where you suck at and do not have the time to figure it out yourself.

So there you go folks, enough tips to keep you on track with your Resolutions for 2013.
Good luck!
All the best for the New Year and may you own it!

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