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Personal Training is an exclusive service provided by eXfX Fitness for serious individuals who seek nothing more than pure results. Whether you are kick starting your fitness regime again, managing your injuries or needing professional guidance, this mobile service is available to add variety to your physical conditioning. Our trainers are highly experienced and specialised in their fields.

As there are no two individuals that are alike, not all fitness training programs are the same. We will tailor make a training program that is suited to your postural type, goals and also time frame. You will also be made accountable for your actions.

Participants will be undergo training sessions that last 45 minutes or custom. All Personal Training Services are Mobile. We will come to you. Each training session will consist of supervised weight training, muscular endurance work or a mixture of both, depending on the type of program that is requested. Programs will be tailored to each participant and will depend on pre-exercise assessment.

Types of programs that are available are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Injury Management
  • Sport Specific Performance Conditioning – Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, AFL, Netbal

Our Personal Training sessions are delivered by experienced professionals who are trained, qualified and insured. We take pride in the services that we provide and we work as a team to ensure that everyone of our clients will receive the best possible result.
Choose from just the No-Frills plain ol’ Personal Training
Session prices start at $70 per session.

Where ever you may be in the Perth Metro area, we will come as a mobile service to you so it is convenient for you. Perth has a lot of great parks and beautiful weather. Our personal trainers are highly trained and we do not need much equipment to get you working and achieving your goals.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are at all not satisfied with your performance gains even after we have tried everything to ensure your success or at the service you are offering, we will refund you your money.  If you do not get results, we do not want to get paid.