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The BootCamp is a series of fast and efficient training systems, designed to ensure an overall body workout in 30-40 minutes flat.
We understand that your time is valuable and worth more than money. We do not believe in working out for more than you need to so we have prepared programs that will minimize the time it takes for you to exercise which will in turn maximise your day.

We have prepared balanced programs that are fun, challenging and minimize the time it takes for you to complete your workout. We have designed these sessions for you to condense your regular hour of training in the gym with the highest efficacy.

All these sessions will consist of circuit training. Circuit training is a combination of workout stations that are completed one after another with a very short change in between it.

No more long boring runs, countless hours in the gym. Train with confidence, safely, under instruction and in the shortest time. With efficiency and efficacy being the operative word, you can get a whole lot more out of life.

All sessions are catered to all levels of fitness. We will scale it up or down to suit your ability, not ego.

Join us, have fun, be challenged and get fit. For Real.
For all the early morning risers who would want a quick workout before getting into work.

Class Prices:
$9 per session for 2 sessions per week
$7 per session for 3 sessions per week

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