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A revolutionary immediate, noninvasive method of measuring your skin carotenoid antioxidant activity.
Determine your Antioxidant Levels with a Bioscanner.
Why You Need a Scan?
Your Antioxidant Levels are the bodies first line of defence against any illness and may be affected by many factors like your lifestyle, nutrition, age, genetics and stress levels.
Knowing them is important to ensure that you are well prepared protected and that your immune system is working at full capacity or vulnerable to bugs, pathogens or even more serious illnesses.
What is Your Score?
Your Score is your indicator of Your Immune Health Status. A 3-minute non-invasive scan will give you a score that  reflects your Antioxidant Levels. The higher your score, the better your level of Antioxidant protection.
Antioxidants are very important in protecting against Free Radical damage.¬† Antioxidants can only be found in food sources that will neutralise the damaging effects of radicals that will ‘rust’ the insides of the human body. Internal ‘rust’ will cause us to age quicker, making us look older than what we really should be.
AntiOxidants  allow us to fight the signs of Ageing, keeps us healthy and looking young for the rest of our lives.
What you Get:

  • A Scan Card to keep track of your Score.
  • A half hour nutrition consultation.
  • A 2 month follow up of your Scan at no cost* (Value $10)

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*Unlimited Scans only available when you are already on a Automatic Delivery Program.