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Hydration and Your Lips

Posted by Exfx Fitness on February 20, 2013  /   Posted in Health & Wellness, LifeStyle, Nutrition

Now we all know that dehydration is a potential risk to your health and that chapped lips are a filthy turn off for most. There actually is a link between the two.
Dehydration occurs when we do not drink enough water. Your intake required is dependant on your occupation and varies greatly if you are in the office or out in 40 degrees C working 12 hour shifts.

Whatever it may be, where ever you may be, your hydration levels can only be measured by the colour of your urine which is a pale yellow colour or a slight tinge of yellow to the water. This is the optimal colour that it needs to be. If it looks like orange syrup, you are way over hydrated. If it is coke cola coloured, call 000, because you may have rhabdo, a condition of kidney failure from excessive exercise.

Being a a former city dweller, there was not much of a need to be drinking ‘enough’ water. You can easily get by from 9 to 5 without your optimum levels. The problem with this is you may get headaches and the hangover feeling by the end of the day as you have been using an immense amount of brain work, if you actually did some.

Should you be working in the mines, for 12 hours straight in hostile environments performing manual labour, a drop in your hyd

ration levels can be a significant risk for your performance. Water from increased sweating and increased respiration will deplete your water levels very quickly and if not replenished, will affect your blood volume, by decreasing it. This in turns raises your blood pressure, heart rate and turns your lips crusty as.

So apart from the little side track in the last two paragraphs, there cannot be enough stress on adequate hydration levels, as it is essential for our performance during work and for the lusciousness of your kissable lips. If you are constantly searching for your chap stick, it could be an indicator that you are constantly dehydrated.

Remember alcohol and caffeine can potentially be depleting your body off its valuable ‘aich-two-oh’. So keep chugging that water and drink at least 3-5 litres of water everyday depending on your job. The earliest indicator of your water levels are your lips. If they are feeling crusty or dry, you Need more water.

Replenishing your water levels will keep the fluids in your lips high and your kissable lips pouty and Angelina Jolie-like. Stop wasting money on those chap sticks. Spend it on good quality water. Its better for your body. Band aid solutions are never going to solve the problem.


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