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Happy Thoughts Gets You Results

Posted by Exfx Fitness on January 12, 2013  /   Posted in Goal Setting, Health & Wellness, LifeStyle

Your thoughts and emotions play a significant role in your weight management journey. The power of positive thinking and being just plain ol happy is vital in your mental well being and in this case, your training.
Stress is a very detrimental emotional feeling that will literally be a spanner in the works. No matter how big or small, a car accident or your boss telling you to complete the task or you will get fired, both will force your body to secrete cortisol. This stress hormone then turns on the gears in your body puts it into the sympathetic system which means your body is ready to fight or flight (evade a dangerous situation).
In this time, your blood sugars remain high and ready to be mobilised, the blood supply is readily available in your muscle system and the digestive system has been shut down as it will draw too much energy where it is not needed.
A state like this will mean that you will be unable to process your foods and in fact will be a better storer of foods. Not probably what you wanted to hear that when you are stressed, your foods you consume will be stored instead of being metabolised.
The key to this is as simple as flicking the switch. The thought processes must change. All stressing thoughts must be blocked out and all good happy happy joy joy thoughts must take over. It takes only but a good laugh and about 15 minutes for this stress hormone to clear out from your system.
So read a joke, make someone laugh, think of a funny incident, think of the best time you had in the last month, year, life. Life is really too short to be stressing out on the little things. Stress more and you will shorten your lifespan. Get out and live. Go on, be happy, we Dare You!

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